completed table and other stuff...

Hi everyone.  My new dining table is finished!!  And it's absolutely gorgeous!!  It's the table of my dreams!!

Contact Mike at Vintage Southern Creations on Facebook if you'd like to have him make something for you!

I would also like to talk a little about Ranger Ink.  I was having trouble with two of my Distress Stains so I contacted Ranger Ink about them.  The two colors I was having trouble with were turning everything green - seam binding, copy paper, cardstock... So I emailed Ranger Ink and asked if their inks had expiration dates.  I was told that they do not; however, they do have a 3-4 year shelf life.  I was asked to send picture of the bottoms of the bottles and the bottles themselves along with a sample.  I did as asked and Ranger Ink replied to let me know that the code on the bottom indicated that the Distress Stain was manufactured in 2012.  I purchased these two colors last year and informed Ranger Ink of this.  And you know what they did?  They replaced both bottles!  I was so thrilled and wanted to shout out to them for their awesome customer service!