totally off the subject...

This is totally not related to ribbon or paper crafts or scrapbooking or mini albums or anything of that nature; however, it does have to deal with art.

A few months ago one of my husband's friends started posting pictures of the furniture he was building with old barn wood.  So I contacted him about building us a new dining table (I'll call him M.) 

I have always loved farmhouse tables but could never find (much less afford) exactly the table I wanted.  So I thought M could build me exactly what I wanted.  So I began the search for table legs.  I looked on etsy and ebay for old porch posts and stair banisters but had no luck.  I knew what I wanted - I had it pictured it my head; I just couldn't find them!  For me, part of the appeal of farm tables is the legs.  So many tables just had the post legs.  And I knew I wanted something with a little more character, something a little bit quirky... so I ended up purchasing new turned legs from Maddox Mill Works on etsy. 

They arrived and were gorgeous.  Off they went to M.  I searched and searched for pictures to send to M to show him what I wanted and sent him probably way more than he ever needed.  We discussed barn wood, new wood, painted base, stain colors, etc.  At first I knew I wanted barn wood - there's just so much character there.  Then I got to talking to him and started worrying about the cracks and crevices and food falling in them and cat hair (because while I do not like it, I know the cats get on the table when we aren't home).  This table was going to be the table that we use every single night for dinner - not just a table that got used once a year.  So I decided to do new wood that was altered to look distressed. 

Once M got started on the table, he told me that could fill the cracks and smooth the barn wood out so that the cracks and crevices would not be so bad.  So I flipped back to barn wood.  I knew I wanted a painted base, and I knew I wanted it white (even with 3 large indoor/outdoor dogs who like to come in stinky and smelly and sometimes even a little muddy).  So he built the base.  Here's what it looked like:

I was thrilled.  I loved the legs.  They were quirky and chunky and everything I wanted.  M continued to work on my table as well as on other orders for other clients. 

Then today, I get this text from him:

I'm in love.  Seriously.  I think I had a tablegasm.  It's absolutely beautiful!!  Although it is not finished, it is definitely going in the right direction. The table top is 100 year old tiger oak! I absolutely cannot wait to see it finished!!  The top is going to be java stained; although I might be changing that.  I'm not sure now if I want the java stain. 

Stay tuned for finished product pictures!!!